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Snippet Of Churachanpur

Churachanpur is a district located in the south-western corner of the Indian state of Manipur which covers an area of 4,750 kilometres (2,950 mi). Churachandpur town is the district headquarters.
The town is locally known as Lamka ("Lam" means path or way and "Ka" means junction). Thus Lamka means a place located at the road junction. Lamka is the most multi-cultured and cosmopolitan town in Manipur, the reason being the town was created for commercial reasons. Inhabited by tribes such as Paite, Simte, Gangte, Zou, Hmar, Thadou, Vaiphei, Tedim, Lusei and Manipuri Meitei. They mainly belong to the Tibeto-Burman family. The main languages spoken here are Paite, Zou, Simte, Vaiphei, Hmar etc. Of all the tribes, the Paite tribe dominates the population. 
Reaching There
The nearest airport lies at Imphal. From Imphal,. The nearest railhead is at Dimapur.. Buses and taxis from Imphal are easily available to reach Churachandpur.
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