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That gossip women someone i know

One dizzy evening, i receive a txt from friend saying someone whom i know was gossiping behind ma back and she told me that it was that lady again,, i asked myself but why ...? after a long paused i told her... Oh that's what they do,, that's what their best ..
Well i really don't mind but giving me a bad names though i mind.. women around the world do gossip, i personally think gossiping bond them more together,. and more over it help them reduce their stress.. that women must be very stress that why she literally had to gossip.. haha Again i didn't do something which might harm her, she was neither ma foes.. its sound strange and completely weird to me. and i was like WTF is wrong with people these days..  i don't mean gossip but women are worse.. they are such to extent that if they see an earthworm,, they would told other as they see a snake, and that gossiping will goes on and the last person who hear that will hear be like they see Anaconda.. Might be that …

Malou bang pankhom zo ni

Zingni nou hon suak in
Maimit suan in taikhua dak leng
Maimit ka suanna na saulim liap hi

Vailou ka kuan, Tung sunni hon san chia'n
Ziatha nem ki sa'ng e, Melmuhlouh a tongkisan zel te'n
Zaitha nem zong khauh sakthak in zaitha hon guan hi,

Singdang na paallun zuun nuam tam zong le
Simlei nunna ah ka kham thei le hituan kei
Sanmun ka muangta na chi san oo

Lei mite'n nunglui sial zong leng
Sap kik theih khatzong omlou hi
Mailam ding khual in malou bang pan khom zo ni

Atrocities committed by the Assam Rifles

Report from Manipur  Atrocities committed by the Assam Rifles  Newsletter December 1989

While many national and international atrocities against women are reported in Indian newspapers, there is very little information about the situation of Naga women and men who are living in fear in the hills of Manipur. Under the guise of counter insurgency manoeuvres, the armed forces have acquired vast powers, specially under the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958. This act as amended in 1972 gives extraordinary powers to the armed forces in “Disturbed Areas”; Some of these powers are: 

- To fire upon or otherwise use force, even to the extent of causing death, against any person who is acting in contravention of any law or order for the time being in force in the disturbed area. 

- Arrest without warrant, any person who has committed a cognizable offence or against whom a reasonable suspicion exists that he has committed or is about to commit a cognizable offence and may use such force as may …

Even the coffins of Manipur tribals go unnoticed

New Delhi: Nine civilians allegedly killed in police firing in Churachandpur district of Manipur are yet to be buried and for the past one month people of tribal communities of the North Eastern state have been protesting at Jantar Mantar with nine coffins of the slain people. The protest by the Manipuri community has been taking place in the national capital since November 4 in a bid to highlight the plight of tribal people in Meitei dominated North Eastern state, however, even that has failed to draw the government’s attention. The Manipur Tribals’ Forum Delhi (MTFD) along with other people from the state has been vociferous against the killing of nine civilians in the police firing in Churachandpur district on September 1. The protest is against the alleged killing of nine civilians, including an 11-year-old boy in police firing, while they were protesting against the passing of the three controversial bills in assembly. Nine coffins are kept at Jantar Mantar as part of the protest…

Lung aw dam in - Lianding Guite

1.Lungngaih mangbatna puakgik toh Selung muanglou khattang kisa Lamet neilou zaitha nemzou Tawldamna Toupa ka hon zuan hi.

Lung aw dam in Tawldam in Nang hon it Jesu ah tawldam in

2.Bah leh liam in hatna neilou Ka kha nang ngai in amau zel Ka ginna hiai lei gamdai ah Nang lou in Toupa ka hin zoulou.
3.Ka vai khempeuh nang kiang kon la'n Na thu bang zel in hon pi'n Pathian hoih leh hat nang na hi Bangteng sang lian zaw na hi Toupa

Why Indian great kings never conquered parts of Manipur, Ngaland, Mizoram in the History ?

Note: I asked this Question in Quora and i got the following Answer

Prabhakar Sarma Neog : I can give a generalized answer considering a time frame upto the time British (year 1826) entered north-east.

It is not that the north-eastern states were not conquerred. There are many times and conquerred them. For example the Mughals, the Burmese etc. It is just that they couldn't enforce their rule owing to a number of common reasons.
1. The people: The various tribes and people of north east are very much soverein minded. They would not take foreign rule.

2. Guerrila warfare: North east tarrains by nature are very suitable for guerila fight, the foreighers usually were not accustomed to it.

3. The summars and rainy season: Especially the rainy seasons in North-East were notorious for rain, flood and spreading various epidemics like cholera, malaria etc. Foreighn soldires had less immunity to these compared to the natives. This alone were the reason for many foreign armies to pull away.