Khangnou Itna Part I

    Khualah lum petmah, puanak suah in fan ki mu ut sak himai hih di dang om tuan lou college kailouh chia, nitak khat chu kei le laisim peihlou ing a Facebook kon login leh nungak khat in fren request hon khak , ken le accept pah, a kho nung a a profile check non in single a om kichi, a mel le hoih eihchiang a hun lemtang a la in ken le chat zel, huchia kon ki chat zel uh kal bangzah hiam a Liam nung in kingaihnat na khat hon omtuak a ki thei in, ki chat louh chiang bang a nuam sa lou dan in ka hon om panta uh hi, huchi ka om lai un ki muh ut na lungsim a nei in ken le a phone no kon nget le hon pe pah a, hunlem lah om ngei lou eihcia ken le Biakinn a kimu din ka hi, eimah le amah Sunday a off Ni ahih ziak in Sunday kikhop sang mah a le ihmut ahih ke tawldam a ut zo nak hi, huchia ki mu theih ngei mahmah lou a ka om lai un , kei na om na ua kon hoh di kon chita a amah le a lawmnu toh Noida lam a pawt uh ahih dan hon hilh hi, ken le fuh chet inteh kei Biakinn va kai dia top chia kon bang na di ua himai ka chih le , ole hon chi tak in Biakinn kai di bang phur a phur mai, huaini a ka sum Neih 200 hinchin en lah ki khilai utsam di ahi chia buai gu petmah haha, petrol 100 man Thun in va kikhom chen2 kikhop top a a omna apartment gate bul a kana ngak hi, a tak a ka kimuh patna di uh ahih ziak in kei le ka nervous hi, hucia nervous tak a ka om lai in nungak nih northeast melpu hon paiou ua, eimi di le banglou uh agal apat, hon naitak un chu kakithei uh hi, amau le hon gen dan uh agal apat hn muh ua midang di hon sa uh, kasam kirr lai hinchin, Facebook a ka lim a lah kir lou eihcia, huchia gate bul a ka hon ki muh tak un thutam le gen man lou in hiah hon ngak lai in aw vante kava koih tou diua pamzek a Mall ah va pawt Ni uh hon chi hi, Mall ah kava pai ngut ua momos kava nek zoh un hih di le omlou eihcia Elevator khong a va tuang a Toptan tuang, kumsuk zel kaltou zel, van kizuak khong va ban dop, ningsimta chih ta in kou le park ua kn houlim ta uh hi, huchi lai in lawmnu chu a phone hon going ging ta mai, la ve Poimoh khat hidi ei hive sawmvei Val hn call ta eihchia ka chih le aman le lawmte maimai hi, chih a phone a switch off hi, innlam kon pai a huainitak inchin chu kei le aangtang kisa in ka lungsim a luahzou vek hi, hunte hon pailiam zel in ka kal ua ki lainat na ki naih sem na hon om deuh deuh hi, kei le ka lungsim a om dan, hoih kasak dan thute khong gen zel in , ka itna thute ka hemgen cheuh cheuh chiang in amah le lametna hon pe deuh deuh in ka thei a, tua hun in bel a Sepna toh ki nai di chih ziak in a omna uh hon kisuan ua, kei omna toh lemtang geih zoh mah hi, bus route khat a tawnsuak in omthei hi, lemtang chih man a gamla veve km17 bang in kaki gamla uh hi, traffic jam khong toh dak kal 2 bang hun lut gige bus a I pai chia, huchi bang ahih lai in ken le kon hoh di ka chi a Sunday kikhop top in munirka ah Naga zuak voksa ka lei in nitaklam meh din ka puak, meh di ki puak nana chu nelou a hon paisak nuamlou uh eihchiang ua, Ann nekhinta in hon paisak ihi, huainitak a meh bang lim zozen , smork pork toh ki bang sim lim himai, amah huansa hizo mah, ka pai a dak 9pm hia inn ka tung a 11:pm ging dek man, amah hi a lawmte toh omkhom ahi man uh huaini in le amaitang a ka itna thu gen na di hun ka nei kei hi, phone Kia a itna thu gen lem deuh kasak ziak ahi ngei dia ken le ka itna thu chu amaitang mahmah a gen ka ut hi, ka kithei ua pat kha 4 bang hoih tak a kon ki contact charchar ua, khatvei chu Sunday nitak ah kava hoh non hi, huaini a Chu cold drink and snack chauh puak, student ihih chia huai lai a sum kihaulou, ka pai in a hon kha hi, floor 4 na a om hi ua, hon khak in step a ka kumsuk komkom in ken le hihtheih bangbang in ka itna na ka gen suk suk hi, dip ki sai ditdit kom in ka om lai tak in ground floor ka hong tung khong2 ihi, amah le kingaihtuah2 ahi sam dia, agate hon khak ma deuh in Yes hon chi hi, kei le kipaktak a om in nuithremthram kom in Gudnite chih toh kapaisan hi, huchi in ,, .....
* aban sutzop di*

Country Specific Url te .com a redirect na di

/blogger te ad'n
Blogspot blog a na url/address gamtuam a om te hn veh le uh le .com redirect di na deih le a nuai a script na xml sung a <head> nuai chet a guang le chin
<script type='text/javascript'>
// country specific url link te .com a redirect na script ahi
/* current blog url link a full a lak na varable */
var blog = document.location.href.toLowerCase();
/* Domain, .com a omsa ahih le redirct louh na di */
if (!blog.match(/\.blogspot\.com/)) {
/* Country TLD te redirect na di */
blog = blog.replace(/\.blogspot\..*?\//, &quot;;);
/* tua tab pen a url thak pen .com a khek na */
// blogspot adi chauh ahi
suppose na blog url hi ta eih chu, hilele na lut chiang a hn chi di.. UK apat lut le chi , pakistan apat lut le chin chih dan amau country specific url na blog url domain suak zel..
Tu'n a tung a script pen na <head> nuai a guang le chin ngen a hn pai di.. . .in . or .pk a last na ah type tei2 le chin le .com a hon ki rediret di..

Air attacks in Mizoram, 1966 - our dirty, little secret

Bomber over Aizawl Village

Abheek Barman, ET Bureau Feb 19, 2013, 05.08AM IST

One month and four days after becoming prime minister of India, Indira Gandhi was faced with a problem familiar to her father , Jawaharlal Nehru: an insurgency in the north east. On February 28, 1966, the Mizo National Army (MNA) revolted against India and fighting broke out across the region. In response, the Indian state did two unprecedented things. By March 2, the MNA had overrun the Aizawl treasury and armoury and was at the headquarters of the Assam Rifles. It had also captured several smaller towns south of Aizawl. The military tried to ferry troops and weapons by helicopter, but was driven away by MNA snipers. So, at 11:30 am on March 5, the air force attacked Aizawl with heavy machine gun fire. On March 6, the attack intensified , and incendiary bombs were dropped. This killed innocents and completely destroyed the four largest areas of the city: Republic Veng, Hmeichche Veng, Dawrpui Veng and Chhinga Veng. Locals left their homes and fled into the hills in panic. The MNA melted away into surrounding gorges, forests and hills, to camps in Burma and the then East Pakistan. The air force strafed Aizawl and other areas till March 13.

One local told a human rights committee set up by Khasi legislators GG Swell and Rev Nichols Roy that, “There were two types of planes which flew over Aizawl — good planes and angry planes. The good planes were those which flew comparatively slowly and did not spit out fire or smoke; the angry planes were those which escaped to a distance before the sound of their coming could be heard and who spat out smoke and fire.” This was the first— and only — time that the air force has been used to attack Indians in India. It cleared Aizawl and other cities of the MNA, but did not finish off the insurgency , which would last for another 20 years.

Till the 1980s, the Indian military stoutly denied the use of air attacks in Mizoram in 1966. By 1967, the Armed Forces Special Powers Act was in force in the area that is now Mizoram. That year, the eastern military brass, led by the then Lt General Maneckshaw , and government decided to implement the second terrible thing it did in Mizoram . This was called ‘regrouping of villages.’ At the that time, there was one road coming south from Silchar in Assam, that traveled all the way down to where the state’s limits ended. To the east and west of this road were vast tracts of forests, hills and ravines, dotted with hundreds of villages. The military plan was to gather villagers from all over, and cluster them along the side of this road. These new, so-called Protected and Progressive Villages (PPVs), were nothing but concentration camps, minus gas chambers.

The movement was supposed to be voluntary — people in some far off hamlet were supposed to jump with joy when told to give up their land, crops and homes to trek hundreds of miles and live behind barbed wire. Actually, the military told villagers to take what they could carry on their backs, and burn everything else down. Elders signed ‘consent’ papers at gunpoint. In every case, villagers refused to move. When they were coerced to march, they would refuse to burn down their properties. Then, the military officer and his men would torch the whole place down. They would march in a column, guarded by the military , to their designated PPV.

Life here was tough: each resident was numbered and tagged, going and coming was strictly regulated and rations were meagre. In the PPVs’ confines, tribal conventions broke down. In the scramble for scarce resources, theft, murder and alcoholism became widespread. The regrouping destroyed the Mizos’ practice of jhum, or shifting cultivation. There was little land inside the PPVs and their original jhum areas had been left far behind in the interiors. Farm output fell off a cliff. Mizoram suffered from near-famine conditions, supplemented by what little the military could provide, for the next three years. Why were the villagers herded into the PPVs? The military reckoned that keeping villagers under their eyes would keep them from sheltering insurgents or joining the MNA. The original villages , crops and granaries were destroyed to deny wandering insurgents shelter and food. These ideas were picked up by our officers from the colonial British playbook. The British had regrouped villages during the Boer war in the early 20th century, in Malaya, where they interned Chinese in special camps and in Kenya where villages were uprooted to crush the Mau Mau revolt.

The British could get away with all this because they were inflicting pain on a subject population. The Indian establishment had no such fig leaf: it was giving grief to its own citizens. The scale of the Mizoram regrouping was awesome. Out of 764 villages, 516 were evacuated and squeezed into 110 PPVs. Only 138 villages were left untouched. In the Aizawl area, about 95% of the rural population was herded into PPVs. No Russian gulag or German concentration camp had hosted such a large chunk of the local population. The first PPVs were dismantled in 1971, but the last ones continued for another eight years. The MNA revolt ended in 1986. No government has expressed regret for the bombing and regrouping.

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Be like Cj

A Careless Day in Citi Bank

citi logo

Have your day ever been a flop day,, like a mood flop.. yesterday was one one my flop day..
from an argument point of view i must say a customer is always right.. and i am right because i am a customer of  Citi-Bank,,Sec 18 Noida,  So here's the story,, yesterday i went to my bank to withdraw some cash,, i forgot my my ATM pin-code so.. i had to manually go to bank and fill-up the withdraw form so on.. Meanwhile after the procedure i got the amount.. i didn't count since i trust the banker that it would be the full amount, then zip in my pocket and then back to work.. the thing is that the banker give me only half the cash what i intended to withdraw.
Around 5pm i got a call from my manager that i need to call the bank, i call only to realized that my money is incomplete, then the bank also confirm and so on,, and they pick me up at my office location to the bank only to take the remaining balance.. hell of a day..  any way from my part it was my carelessness that it happen,, because i should count my money. and from the bank part its very unprofessional only to hand out half the amount.. Everything is sorted out now,,...
Moral of the story, count your cash when you withdraw and don'y necessarily trust you any person.

That gossip women someone i know


 One dizzy evening, i receive a txt from friend saying someone whom i know was gossiping behind ma back and she told me that it was that lady again,, i asked myself but why ...? after a long paused i told her... Oh that's what they do,, that's what their best ..
Well i really don't mind but giving me a bad names though i mind.. women around the world do gossip, i personally think gossiping bond them more together,. and more over it help them reduce their stress.. that women must be very stress that why she literally had to gossip.. haha Again i didn't do something which might harm her, she was neither ma foes.. its sound strange and completely weird to me. and i was like WTF is wrong with people these days..  i don't mean gossip but women are worse.. they are such to extent that if they see an earthworm,, they would told other as they see a snake, and that gossiping will goes on and the last person who hear that will hear be like they see Anaconda.. Might be that women is seeking attention by judging people and stabbing behind their back.. i think that wouldn't help... She need a psychologist or a counselor...

My message to other gossiping women 'Stop gossip it doesn't  benefit the men whom you gossip.'

Malou bang pankhom zo ni

Zingni nou hon suak in
Maimit suan in taikhua dak leng
Maimit ka suanna na saulim liap hi

Vailou ka kuan, Tung sunni hon san chia'n
Ziatha nem ki sa'ng e, Melmuhlouh a tongkisan zel te'n
Zaitha nem zong khauh sakthak in zaitha hon guan hi,

Singdang na paallun zuun nuam tam zong le
Simlei nunna ah ka kham thei le hituan kei
Sanmun ka muangta na chi san oo

Lei mite'n nunglui sial zong leng
Sap kik theih khatzong omlou hi
Mailam ding khual in malou bang pan khom zo ni