A Careless Day in Citi Bank

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Have your day ever been a flop day,, like a mood flop.. yesterday was one one my flop day..
from an argument point of view i must say a customer is always right.. and i am right because i am a customer of  Citi-Bank,,Sec 18 Noida,  So here's the story,, yesterday i went to my bank to withdraw some cash,, i forgot my my ATM pin-code so.. i had to manually go to bank and fill-up the withdraw form so on.. Meanwhile after the procedure i got the amount.. i didn't count since i trust the banker that it would be the full amount, then zip in my pocket and then back to work.. the thing is that the banker give me only half the cash what i intended to withdraw.
Around 5pm i got a call from my manager that i need to call the bank, i call only to realized that my money is incomplete, then the bank also confirm and so on,, and they pick me up at my office location to the bank only to take the remaining balance.. hell of a day..  any way from my part it was my carelessness that it happen,, because i should count my money. and from the bank part its very unprofessional only to hand out half the amount.. Everything is sorted out now,,...
Moral of the story, count your cash when you withdraw and don'y necessarily trust you any person.