Rajnikant Jokes

* Once Rajinikanth threw a grenade and killed 50 people, then grenade exploded !
* Sachin : The God of cricket......        Sehwag: The Rajinikanth of cricket
* Rajinikanth can kill a living room....
* Some people get lucky and kill two birds with one stone. Rajnikanth once killed four birds with half a stone.
    What? You say there's no such thing as half a stone? Well, the four dead birds didn't think so either.
* Rajinikanth can give missed call to his own number..!
* God created Earth and Heaven in 6 days , on 7th day he rested then he created Rajinikanth !
* Einstein Said: Everything is relative.

   Karunanidhi said: Relative is everthing.
   Rajinikanth said: I am everything.

* Rajinikanth doesn't answer nature's call. Nature answers Rajinikanth's call

* Govt of India pays tax to Rajinikanth for living here

* When Rajinikanth goes to a gym to workout, no one can workout since Rajini uses all the weights available.

Security Tips tkeep your Fb account safe:

Here are 7 things you can do to help keep your account safe:

Pick a strong password: Use a combination of at least six numbers, letters, and punctuation marks (like ! and &)
Make sure your email account(s) are secure
Log out of Facebook when you use a computer you share with other people
Run anti-virus software on your computer:
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Add a security question to your account
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Think before you click or download anything

Birth Day kipah thu Gennna

Amasa in ah ka pianchampha mu thei non dia dam hn piak ziak in Pathian tung a ki pah thu ka gen hi..
Ka pian ciil apat hn na kem a hn na khoi lian ka nu le pa.. Pa Pathian in damna hatna pia in kum sawt khua dam pih din om pih hen cih ka thumna ahi..
laa phuak tu in ana gen swk mah bang in hia leitung aw i khual zin na ahi.. hiai i khual zin sung tomcik ahi a.. kum bg zah i khual zin dia chi a thei Pa lou ngal a om kei.. hiai i khual zin na ah a khen chia lampi hak sia in tou dia, a khen cia lam phei hun om ding ahi,,
anuam a hak hita leh i khual zin na lam pi ttot di sau pi om lai a,, hiai tan hn tung pih ziak in Pa Pathian ka phat ahi amah pang lou hileh, kawl ken se lak bg, lam tou bg a ka pukse khin di,,
lampam sik khial lou kuah mah a om kei, kwn le kana sik khial mun lua huai hun cia hn phong tou tu lawm levual sang gam le deihsak tu te ziak a hun ta
pi ah lampam sik khial di lai ka it non su vaak sak ziak un ki pahthu na tung uah kon gen ahi..
Hun paisa ka et kik chiang in ka khualzin a ah ka na tot khak ka na tun khak na te bang ka ngaih tuah kik chia zin du siam ka sa thei pet mah mai,, amau bamg bang khovel i ki poi moh ahi huai kom kaal ahi.. mi mit sit ding hian zak fah ding hiam kan gen te Toupan hn ngai dam hen aw.. Hiai khual in lampai di sau pi om lai ah hn ki ton pih lawm le vual te aw na tung uah kipah na ni bang hn tang hen aw..

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Facebook negative impact on teenagers, students and children

Facebook negative impact on teenagers, students and children. Facebook negative impact is increasingly felt, even though the Facebookers many are not aware of the influence of negati facebook.
Perhaps because the name is already addicted to facebook. But it is precisely this that is d
angerous, which is not realized.
Okay, for you the youth and students as well as children, you must know what the negative impact of this facebook. Because of facebook users is dominated by the 14-24 year olds as much as 61.1%.