How Love is Tricky

By Dania Susen
I have come to realize that behind every beautiful girl or handsome guy in this world ,there’s is an ugly relationship that made her/him get scared to love again. So if u are in love with someone today that doesn’t trust you, don’t wonder and don’t hate them because that person has gone through a lot.

 He/she trusted and deeply loved someone who turned out to hurt her/him ,who played with that person’s feeling and took her/his love for granted. That is why she/he fears to trust you and to give in all her/he heart. In other words that person fears to get hurt again…but that doesn’t mean that she/he doesn’t love you. Your man/women loves you but fears to go through that pain . but if you are serious with him/her ,be patient and be understanding and do whatever it takes to prove to takes. Don’t give up on such a person if you have ever been hurt for loving too much… yeah that’s how delicate hearts are and how love is tricky