O' Churachandpur (Lamka)

Quoting popular introduction, Churachandpur (sic) was the most peaceful district in Manipur, officially and acknowledged by the inhabitants and those from outside as well. Indeed it was true. At least 10-schedule tribe with various non-tribals resides in the district without any breaking news or ‘headlines’ to be reported on violence and killing or worst communal violence. But that was history now and fondly remembered by many, as ‘those were the days’.

In terms of development and growth the district was recorded to be more advance than the others specifically the district headquarter town. Sadly enough, life was fast and ‘modern’. The town was infamous for modern diseases like HIV / AIDs. Since post independence and beginning of the 70s, people have slowly underwent a process of change in terms of socio – economy. In the late 90s and ever since the clash of the ‘ethnic brothers’ in 1997, the town and its surroundings became the hot spot of communo – ethnic war zone. Along with, this decade also saw the emergences of political consciousness among the tribal groups in the district.


Kumsawt a Ngilh moh

Asa by Nu Lianlunching

Kumsawt a ngilhmoh ding ka kumtung hon kia
Luankhi nuul in sunni naubang awiawi veng
Hehnem thei omlou, hambang ka vai lua e
Lungzuan a bang lou suntang laikhun ka zaal

Ngou mei kai zilzial in hon suunpih theilou
Ngou tui suahgiat in lungzuan silsiang zoulou
Sanggah ngaihlai ana e ka thuak zoulou
Hong leng aw Toupa, Ka Mang nunnem hon leng aw

Vaibang a tham na aw ka gel chiang in
Ka gel sausawn ngamlou a lungdon na uh
Pheiphung banzaal a bang ngak nang omlou mo
Dawn sing thelguah bang zaal a khak nuam nang e..

A simthu uh hon thang e ka kumtung a
Ka sinlai na e, Vuallel ka thuak zoulou
Sakluang a guabang hina baang lai hia aw
A baang talou e sakluang a dai zouta

Simlei lungkham na nuai a leng non lou uh
Thangvan salem dawngkot
tuang a tung chiang un
A chiahsa laizom phungte'n na dawn ding ua
Pa ang apan zal pheiphung a ta tu teh.