O'wish of mine

Who on earth does not have wishes
Rich or Poor we had our own wishes
Indeed some wish came true while some are not
I do have a wishes too like everybody else
My wishes didn't came true
Or maybe its too early to tell
Or I didn't deserve my wishes at all
If its came true will i be happy with that
If its came true will i suffocated more
Only God knows which wishes to fullfill
Becarefull what you wish for


Poiteuh khang Vualngaih lia aw

Muikhua zingta ikalsimthu
Loibang thang e Vuallel ki sa'ang
Vuallel ki saa'g Zeh in zum ing

Vualngaih lia aw.. Vualngaih lia aw
Na khanvual kahi, Na vual tungte na etzawk mah ding hi
Vualngaih lia aw.. hilele hon ngai zel ing a mo

Poiteuh khang, Poiteuh khang
Ken zong ka khanvual te ngaih din en non kei ning
Poiteuh khang, Poiteuh khang

Na machiang nagel na hi
Poiteuh khang vualngaih lia aw
Ken zong machiang khankhua gel in
ka khanvual te ngai kei ning
Poiteuh khang Vualngaih aw