Best Of Times Lyrics

Remember days of yesterday how it flew so fast
The two score and a year we had I thought would always last
Those summer days and west coast dreams I wished would never end
A young boy and his father, idol and best friend

I'll always remember, those were the best of times
A life time together, I'll never forget

The morning shows on the radio, the Case of the Missing Dog
Lying on the pillows at the old 812 watching Harold and Maude
The record shops, the stick ball fields, my home away from home
And when we weren't together, the hours on the phone

I'll always remember, those were the best of times
I'll cherish them forever, the best of times
But then came the call, our lives changed forever more
You can pray for a change but prepare for the end


Malicious Mainland

By Ninglun Hanghal

People from the North-east continue to feel unsafe in Delhi and other metropolises despite the Centre’s assurance to provide them helplines. This month alone three incidents took place.  An engineering student from Manipur and two friends were beaten up in Bangalore for not speaking Kannada. Two students from Nagaland were assaulted in Gurgaon. A girl from Mizoram was found dead in her rented Munirka room under mysterious circumstances.

Here is a list of incidents in the national capital over the years, drawn from media reports:
On 8 May 2005, a 20-year-old Delhi University student and her friend were abducted from Daula Kuan (South Delhi). While her friend escaped, she was gang-raped in a moving car by four men. Only one person, Ajit Singh Katiyar, was arrested. He was sentenced to 14 years’  rigorous imprisonment  in December 2009.  The defence counsel is said to have  challenged the order in a higher court.


"See You On The Other Side" Lyrics

[O.Osbourne - L.Kilmister - Z.Wylde]

Voices, A Thousand, Thousand Voices
Whispering, The Time Has Passed For Choices
Golden Days Are Passing Over, Yeah

I Can't Seen To See You Baby
Although My Eyes Are Open Wide
But I Know I'll See You Once More

When I See You, I'll See You On The Other Side
Yes, I'll See You, I'll See You On The Other Side

Leaving, I Hate To See You Cry
Grieving, I Hate To Say Goodbye
Dust And Ash Forever, Yeah


Big CIty Life Lyrics

Big city life,
Me try forget by,
Pressure nah ease up no matter how hard me try.
Big city life,
Here my heart have no base,
And right now Babylon deep on me case.

People in a show,
All lined in a row.
We just push on by,
Its funny,
How hard we try.


What comes around goes around

Hiai a tung a thuvual pen keimah mimal a kana tuah pansan a nei in a dik na hon kuppih leng ka ut hi, class 9 ka zil kum in mikhat hoih kana sa tei a, va hel ngam ciah lou lawmte toh chu khatvei vahel khom nainai huai nung chu kei kia ngen a tung, nitak teng phial in ka ngaihtuah kha gge a ka hai chil petmah, kumte hn kivei zel in pawl 11 ka hih in nungak  dang khat mobile tungtawn in kon ki mai kha ua ken chu play na dan maimai a ka try le zou chih le aman hn ngaipetmah ken chu nidg a hoih kasak nu mah va hel zel thou, khatvei ka nungaknu toh kimu khin ka hoih sak nu hel dia ka pai le hn thei inchin cih le ken le khen mok aman pona petmah hon kah khum hial, tu khonung khong a hon na ngaihluat dan ki thei khe pan,