Snippet Of Churachanpur

Churachanpur is a district located in the south-western corner of the Indian state of Manipur which covers an area of 4,750 kilometres (2,950 mi). Churachandpur town is the district headquarters.

The town is locally known as Lamka ("Lam" means path or way and "Ka" means junction). Thus Lamka means a place located at the road junction. Lamka is the most multi-cultured and cosmopolitan town in Manipur, the reason being the town was created for commercial reasons. Inhabited by tribes such as Paite, Simte, Gangte, Zou, Hmar, Thadou, Vaiphei, Tedim, Lusei and Manipuri Meitei. They mainly belong to the Tibeto-Burman family. The main languages spoken here are Paite, Zou, Simte, Vaiphei, Hmar etc. Of all the tribes, the Paite tribe dominates the population. 

Reaching There

The nearest airport lies at Imphal. From Imphal,. The nearest railhead is at Dimapur.. Buses and taxis from Imphal are easily available to reach Churachandpur.

Vacationing at some unconventional place like Churachandpur has become a trend these days; seeing the popularity of the site, tourist department has laid down a number of reasonably rated hotels here. Hotel Eden, Hotel International, Hotel Rajdoot, Thongam Babita are some recommendable places.  You can also make a booking at Circuit House and Green House hotels. Though the tariffs are low, the facilities provided by these are up to the mark

boating over khuga dam

Khuga dam:  Built over Khuga River, located at Mata village near Churachandpur is one of the most beautiful artificial lakes of North-East India. It can be compared to Barapani Lake at Shilllong. The locals call it as "Mata Dam".
the dam remains a wanted site and the illuminated dam in the night is certainly a sight to watch.
ngaloi ngakik near mission compound

Ngaloi Falls : Located in Ngaloimoul village near Churachandpur. The falls are amazingly beautiful and a major tourist attraction. The scenic beauty and greenery around the falls is worth the visit. The low-lying mountains and water rushing down from the high hill top is absolutely wonderful. Visitors enjoy their visit to this fall and the cool breeze blowing from the cold water is so refreshing.
tonglon kawl

Tonglon caves: Located about 32 kilometers off Churachandpur is a must visit tourist place, The hills of Manipur have a number of mysterious caves. Of which Tonglon caves is one. The caves have unveiled a lot of historical and cultural facts about the state. The engravings, script and sculptures carved in the caves have greatly helped historians to understand ancient facts about Manipur.

Tribal Museum : Located a few yards west of the Churachandpur bus terminus along Thangzam Road, Hill Town at the heart of Churachandpur town, the 168.75 square metre sized museum, under the tutelage of the Zogam Art and Cultural Development Association (ZACDA) provides a chance to explore the insightful past tradition, cultures and relics of the tribal..
The museum has a large collection of tribal art and artefacts which have collected from different parts of the state and tell a lot about the people of this region. 

Lamka Bazar : Here, you can buy a whole lot of handicraft items that are made by dexterous hands of artists. Most of the antique pieces are vibrant and colorful. These form excellent souvenirs to be gifted to near and dear ones. A wide variety of tribal shawls is also available. 

And many more once you visit you will Know :D

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