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Who Are We?

By--  Nehkhojang Tungdim

We are called Kukis at Kohima,
We are called Chins at Rangoon,
We are called Mizos at Aizawl,
We are called Zomis at Tedim.

We are called Khongsais at Imphal,
We are called Lushais at Shillong,
We are called Laimis at Haka,
We are called Miros at Akyab.

We are called Hmars at Sevon,
We are called Vaipheis at Chongkhozou,
We are called Thadous at Kangpokpi,
We are called Zous at Singngat.

We are called Paites at Hanship,
We are called Gangtes at Saichang,
We are called Simtes at Thanlon,
We are called Raltes at Champhai.

We are called Suktes at Mualbem,
We are called Bietes at Halflong,
We are called Hrangkhols at Agartara,
We are called Lakhers at Saiha.

We are called Pawis at Falam,
We are called Bawms at Chittagong,
We are called Chirus at Langmu Khunou,
We are called Koms at khoirentak.

We are called Chothes at Purum Khullen,
We are called Purums at Purums Likli,
We are called Koirengs at Longa Koireng,
We are called Lamgangs at Thamlapokpi.

We are called …

Low Earthquake hit Delhi

Today around 12:35 . Low Earthquake strike Delhi,, and during this time we were inside our office. and our building was shaking a little bit. we ran out. everybody ran out.. but i'm not scare.. Shit who scare of Natural Disaster, every body is here to die one day.. If God want me to die, i can die anytime, if not i will survive the most difficult Path.. what ever. lol

A taste of North East

Food can be the window to a culture and instantly provide deep insights into the everyday life of the people. It is also a wonderful tool of soft diplomacy, as it effortlessly builds bridges across regions, religions, castes and class lines. These factors, and the reality that not much is either known or been written about the rich cuisine from Northeast India compelled journalist and author Hoihnu Hauzel, who hails from Manipur, to pen ‘The Essential North-East Cookbook’, which offers a variety of wonderful flavours from the region. She has recently brought out the second edition of this guide to “exotic delicacies that are not a part of mainstream Indian fare”. In this one-on-one, Hauzel talks about her passion for food and how it’s just a matter of time before northeast food becomes widely popular. In addition, the author shares two of her favourite recipes.
Q: You’ve been a long-time journalist and columnist. How did your journey as a food writer begin? A: I developed an interest …

10 Social Skills Essential for Success

Ask anyone in 2015 about essential “social skills” and you will probably get a list back about social media rules, which online social networks are best and the most common ways to build your network. That, however, is NOT what this post is about. We spend so much time fixated on social media that we forget to focus on the more important elements of being “social.” Rewind the clock back just a few short years ago and “social skills” were defined as the set of proper techniques and practices we used to develop relationships with other people. Social skills, if applied improperly, can lead to social kills. Very often, business owners, managers, entrepreneurs and C-level people will be so focused on business, they forget about the impact of the proper use of social skills. The results can get ugly and lead to lost business, an irritated customer and failed opportunity. Social skills, if applied improperly, can lead to social kills. Regardless of whether you have 30 years of experience in…


Text of the Agreement signed at Panglong on the 12th February, 1947 by Shan, Kachin and Chin leaders, and by representatives of the Executive Council of the Governor of Burma A conference having been held at Panglong, attended by certain Members of the Executive Council of the Governor of Burma, all Saohpas and representatives of the Shan States, the Kachin Hills and the Chin Hills, the members of the conference, believing that freedom will be more speedily achieved by the Shans, the Kachins and the Chins by their immediate co-operation with the Interim Burmese Government, have accordingly, and without dissentients, agreed as follows: (I) A representative of the Hill peoples, selected by the Governor on the recommendation of representatives of the Supreme Council of the United Hill Peoples, shall be appointed a Counsellor to the Governor to deal with the Frontier Areas. (II) The said Counsellor shall also be appointed a member of the Governor's Executive Council without portfolio…