Rape and its Prevention

The announcement of life imprisonment as the quantum of punishment for the four accused in the gang rape of a woman trading in chillies has been met with much appreciation and hope from various quarters in the state. The appreciation factor stems from manner in which the case was taken up and handled with while the hope expressed is that the case would set a precedent in the state in terms of the manner in which investigations were carried out and the legal processes that followed. More hope hinges on the belief that such sentences would deter more rapes from happening.

"Pate Ni" hong tungkik ta (Fathers' Day)

Pate ni tawh kitawn in tuni in Panei lai te in Pate tungah thupha ih dawh ding kisam mahmah hi.
Nu leh Pa ih cih pen I Leitung Pasian, thupha hongpia thei, hong samsia thei, Nu le Pa hi a, Na Pa na khasia sak hiam? Alungkimna ding in thupha na bawl hiam? Tuni in Napa thumang lo in nisim nungta in amah hongsawl loh lamlam, hong deihsak lo lamlam sem in na omkha hiam? Tuni in Mawhmai na ngei in la Napa lungkim sak in.

Khanglai leh KOPPI sui dan

~By Rev.Hangpi Manlun D.Th Student
    UTC, Bangalore
Thupatna: Mihing khat apieng ihileh zi/pasal nei hun chieng a inei ding khu Pasian hing siemsan leh i um ding dan uh ahi hi. Ahin, pichin nua a khat vei beh tambang hinkhuo neitheilouna khu mibahlouna amaw, damlouna jieh ahithei hi. Ahin, akhente lah val sengseng in gam teng leiteng tang sui a sui a,a sukalu sieng ahisih leh Khristmas bong sui a gam teng leiteng sui ding china vang ahisam sih hi. Pasal khat jong ji mujou mama lou in, “Apa kung a pa ka jinei ni ding ni fix phot pouma ni imujou leh lah i postpon na keh” chi vot hi. Tuajieh in kopi ding isuiding chieng ua pilvang ding ahi hi.