How to make Utorrrent download faster

I was playing around with some settings in uTorrent, a very popular and well known torrent client, and I eventually ended up increasing my download speeds by about 3x as much as it previously was! I went through trial and error in the settings, often having to revert back to default settings before altering them again. At some points, my speed decreased, but eventually I found some settings that worked great and increased my speeds dramatically. I tried these settings on multiple computers to verify if it was consistent. It was. I ended up getting1.6 mb/s on average!
Here's a guide on how to possibly increase your torrent speeds by a significant amount. I will be using uTorrent as the torrent client, but these settings can be applied to most clients if you have an understanding of how they work.
If you are using a different torrent client (other than uTorrent) and are not sure of something, simply skip it.
do not support illegal downloads and this is simply a guide on how to speed up your torrent download speeds.
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Protocol Encryption

Since I am using uTorrent, I will describe this in separate steps for both uTorrent users and other client users. Protocol Encryption makes it to where your ISP can not identify torrent traffic, which decreases the chance of them throttling, or limiting your bandwidth while downloading torrents.
uTorrent Users: Be sure that everything I have checked is checked on your client. Most of this comes by default. The most important thing here is "Protocol Encryption." Be sure this is set toEnabled, and that "Allow incoming legacy connections" is checked.

Other Torrent Clients: In your settings (most likely under connections), there will be something along the lines of "Protocol Encryption, Transport Encryption, or Traffic Shaping." Enable these settings and allow incoming legacy connections.
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It's these settings/preferences that usually result in a dramatic increase in download speeds. (Note: This can possibly, but very unlikely cause a decrease in speeds.) This is where the fun starts.
Keep your "Max upload rate," and "Max download rate" at unlimited. (In the picture, 0 means unlimited.) Often times your download speed will decrease if you limit these settings.
Number of Connections: Your "Global Max number of connections" should be set to 2500. "Your "Max number of connected peers per torrent" should be set to 500.
At this point, you should be seeing a gradual increase in download speeds.
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To top it all off...

Now it's time to change some "Advanced" settings. In settings/preferences, click onadvanced. It says "Warning: Do not modify" but if you follow exactly what I do, your client will be safe. Again this can be done in any Torrent Client, but you have to understand what the settings mean as they may be worded differently.
uTorrent: You can use the filter (search box looking thing) to quickly find certain settings.
Set "bt.allow_same_ip" to 'True' by clicking on it and setting the value to true. (see picture for example.)
Set "gui.show_notorrents_node" to 'False' (Use filter or scroll down in Advanced to find it.)
Set "rss.update_interval" to '20' (Make sure you click on 'Set' after you type in 20)
Apply and close out of Advanced settings. Restart uTorrent or torrent client.

Enjoy your faster download speeds!

You should now notice a very large increase in download speed. Congratulations if it worked!
If this did not work for you, or made your speeds slower, simply set your settings/preferences back to default and you will be back where you started before this guide.
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