Ek ek ka kih, na kih i kih uh

May 29, 2014 C Jambiakmuan 0 Comments

Khovel a mi teng2 in a ngaihtuah uh bang hi haim , khosak na di, nek di, gilpi a di hi lel ahi, huai om dan tak chu a zawng a hau in ek di ki ngaihtuah hi lel ahi, huchi hi le ek kih lou kua ta om diam, min hing a piang mi naran in ki kih tang pi ahi, ek hah te in kik lou chih na hi lou ahi  amau nek zong na dia a zat uh a gilpi uh suk vah na dia ek hah uh ahih ziak a kik chih gen gen ngai lou a ek hah uh ahai, ek pen hi a poimoh pen pen2 hi kei lele na thil nek hiam, ahikeh huai a mi hau sa pan limtak a nek pen toh nang  na ann nek pen hong pawt chia ek mah suak ahi, a lim a lim lou na ne ahi ta zong in ek mah a hon pawt ahi a khen te a phiah a pawt pawl bang, a khal a pawt pawl bang, ahikeh a nawi deih a pawt pawl bang pawt dan tuam chiat lele ek mah hi thou ahi, huai ziak in nek lam a kua mah sellouh di ahi, na nek lim lele a lim lou ne pa toh na gilpi a om khit chia ek mah a hon pawt ahi.. ek in khen tuam a nei kei a, film star a nu ek le a uih a, doctor pa ek le a uih a hiai thugelh simtut teng2 ek a uih a, hiai gelh pa ek le a uih hi, huai ziak in mihing te  bang mah lou ihi uh a tawp na a si vek di ngen..  thil i nek peuh mah ek  a hn pawt di.. uih vek.. kih ngai lou.. uih lou om lou uih vek


How to make Utorrrent download faster

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I was playing around with some settings in uTorrent, a very popular and well known torrent client, and I eventually ended up increasing my download speeds by about 3x as much as it previously was! I went through trial and error in the settings, often having to revert back to default settings before altering them again. At some points, my speed decreased, but eventually I found some settings that worked great and increased my speeds dramatically. I tried these settings on multiple computers to verify if it was consistent. It was. I ended up getting1.6 mb/s on average!
Here's a guide on how to possibly increase your torrent speeds by a significant amount. I will be using uTorrent as the torrent client, but these settings can be applied to most clients if you have an understanding of how they work.