Book Review : Siamsin thelnah

Amasa pen in ah laigelhmi le ka hikei a.. Siamna le ka nei tuan kei a hilele ka lungsim ah hia Book ka sim a pat mite'n le hiai book ana sim sam le uh chi ka deih man le a bawlsuah tute pahtah huai kasak ziak in book review kon bawl tei ahi..

 It's a Siamsinpawlpi Silver Jubilee Sovenir title "Siamsin Thelnah" published by Siamsinpawlpi Mizoram HQ, for our better understanding Siamsinpawlpi is a Paite Student welfare body with its General headquarter in Lamka . The book 'Siamsin thelnah' with Pu Kamkhokam Guite as it Chief Editor give us the insight of the how Siamsinpawlpi began its journey to its present day..
On turning the page at Messages section we can see messages from our honarable leader. The book written in trilingual by its contributor are sometimes creating confusion for a reader like me  as I couldn't read one written in lusei dialect luckily for me few are written in lusei dialect. 
Here in this book its also give us a little knowledge of the socio-political scenerio of Paites in Mizoram. As i read further and further i came across a nice article 'Tunkhopum Baite and his Chin liberation army in the 1960s'  this article literally touch my heart ,  now i can see why  zomi didn't get a state and we can also see that enemy doesn't come from faraway.

Once reading the report from SSPP Heeadquaters , we can know how SSPP has made contributions to the society..  And once again after reading MLA te tanchin and Mizoram Paite khaw tanchin i am more enlightened and feel proud that my community are well represented despite being a minority. 
Conclusion: This book is worth reading and evry SSPP lover must buy it. SSPP damsawt hen