My Dream of Hometown

Its been only a past few year ,Since then i have been staying in Delhi , in course of time i make new friends, met new friends, with the buzzing atmosphere i can adapt to this city environment and i feel like Delhi is my hometown, Home away From Home, 

yet the missing part is my Family, And feels like something is always missing.. yes that's right.. i miss home made food,, although i feel delhi as my second hometown ,, i hate it.. the climate its terrible.. if life have given me a better option i will leave Delhi,, love my bitrhplace weather.. its heaven  compare to delhi, But my hometown doesn't offer me a decent Jobs, security , it offer us Dusty roads filled with pothholes, irregular electricity, watersupply and gas,, and frequent hartal/Bandh inspite of all this i still love and wana live there, i hope someday this get better so that new generation doesn't have to go outside state unnecessarily

I have this dream. if my hometown have a world class University, People from far and wide wold come thus it would help the local economy, instead we go metro cities to study helping the local by paying rents, etc.. i was thinking like something like foreign investment should be in my hometown like BPO as an example, if then youngster dependent on parents would climbed down, which in turn would curb down unemployment related problem. 

Still its a Dream, A dream one day might come true.