Churachandpur's electricity crisis; from bad to worse

Power supply situation in Churachandpur district is getting worse day by day. Despite the unprecedented level of investment in the power sector and increase in electricity tariffs. The district suffered the state's biggest - ever power outrage every single day - night putting the state's ramshackle infrastructure on stark display. 

Students are finding it difficult to cope with studies, thanks to frequent power cuts. Every day in many parts of the district, power goes off without intimation at any time of the day or even at night. Students have been battling more than their school subjects. They have been grappling with the erratic power cuts. 

It is essential that students get uninterrupted power supply to study. As lights go off at night because of power cuts, many students in the district are forced to study in candlelight or abandon studies till the power returns. Power cuts cripple their preparation as precious time was lost be it morning, noon or night. It become a nightmare for them as they could not prepare for the examinations well due to the power shutdowns. 

And this happens every day and became worse before the Manipur Board and Council Exam. Why can't we get uninterrupted power supply? Not to forget, the electricity fees shots up to the mark despite the terrible power cuts. 

Churachandpur is a district of many community and tribes from different part of the state. Among them, there are school and college going students, who are intellectually so much into education. For them and for all, Electricty is one of the best and important thing in every way but keeping amongst those, there are again; who cannot provide themselves a daily usage, such as; candles, lamp, kerosene and solar. 

Looking around, we again found people who earn and wants to earn their livelihood by using/adopting electricity. 

Meanwhile, what can be the reason behind this? Why is the second largest district in Manipur is lack of electricity? Armchair discussion and roadside talks are not going to help anymore. The time has arrived to take a steps, lead forward and reach the ears of the concerned administrators and the state government. 

Education among youths and in different form is of the most important thing in today's world.That you all know better than me. So, the so called Leaders( Ministers/MLAs, Politicians & Student leaders) who motivated the youths for education and studies are not aware of the electricity crisis in the district? Why are they so negligence towards the most important usage in our daily life - electricity? Or they are satisfied by just seeing the little dazzling lights whenever they come to the district? 

Further, How many students organisation or any other forum lead forward and take steps for the future of their fellow students for better electricity supply in the district? (If there's anyone I am not aware of it. I beg your pardon). 

Instead of running and loitering here and there without any productive works, I think this is the right time, everyone should look forward, lead ahead, takes steps and fight against the electricity crisis in the district. It is distracting to study without electricity. Time has arrived to fights for our fellow students who are facing this disturbing major issue, so that the power supply should be launched properly and an area of darkness turn into a new world. 

Road blockade, Bandhs and other protest has been done for different reasons, amongst them, fighting against the electricity crisis and take step to reach the ear of the concerned person and department is important. Majority of them are paying the electricity fees without proper usage or are we actually prepared to pay the fees without even using? 

Few districts in Manipur are in frequent supply of the power, 23/24 hours in a day - night but despite the frequent power supply the public out there informed and reaches the ears of the concerned person. And let's do a fact check among us? Without even using proper electricity, like 8 hours in a day, we are paying more than Rs. 500-1000/- for every usage. 

Is this how we are going to live and deal with the electricity crisis? Are we happy? Are we satisfied? If not, our voice and action should be seen, let's use our biggest tool called - ''Democracy.'' 

This is not the right time to fight and drip a jealousy among us,. Let us remember one thing in mind that, we are occupying others land. 

The same important thing what others got in good form, became a pioneer of development, and the major thing which is a daily essential compulsory tool for our future leader who are in studying process called electricity. Time to take up this issue as one of the important and seek the solution of this black out crisis. 

* Jr Amo wrote this article for The Sangai Express 
This article was posted on February 26, 2015.