We, the Zomi National Workers, resolutely affrim and give to ourselves this Rules and Regulation on
this day of the Thirty First October Two Thousand and Eight Anno Domini.
This Rules and Regulations is divided in to two parts. The two parts are binding to all the workers
within the Ministries under the ZRO. The Ministries may refer articles and sub-clauses in either or
both the parts whichever is relevant to them.

Central Executive Committee
Zomi Re-unification Organisation
Headquarters : Ciimnuai

Category-A: Entry List of Tribunal {(Constitution Part-IV, Art. 74 (A)}
In the event of any dispute regarding homicide/murder, the Tribunal may refer its finding to the
Cabinet Council, and the Cabinet Council may take decision as per the case
Capital punishment is the highest kind of punishment that can be awarded and such may be
awarded only after proved beyond reasonable doubt
Cabinet Council/Tribunal may take its own decision as per the intensity/severity of the crime/
offence committed.
Tribunal List
1. Any Zomi National Worker shall unreservedly commit to ZRO working policy, national
policy and collective leadership
2. No one shall organise/mobilise volunteer which is detrimental to ZRO and Zo nation
3. No one shall violate ZRO Constitution, Bye-law and rules and regulation framed from time
to time and oppose the aims and objectives, policy and programme of ZRO
4. No one shall sale/conceal/squander/siphon-off the properties and cash of ZRO
5. No one shall, without authorized by superior, shall cause physical handicap or cause to
inflict major/serious illness
6. False witness is prohibited
7. False accuse is prohibited
8. No one shall, without any reasonable reason, refuse to produce records/documents or
anything which the Court summoned
9. Judges shall judge without partiality
10. If the act or conduct and commissions of a Zomi National Worker is grossly Immoral that all
reasonable men will say that he/she cannot be trusted
11. If the worker is abusive or if he disturbs the peace of his working place
12. If he is assaulting, insulting and insubordinate to such a degree as to be incompatible
with the continuance of the relation of superior and worker
13. Raping of a woman is prohibited. Rape means forcible sexual intercourse without the
consent of a woman by means of overpowering/threatening/intoxicating/force etc.
14. No ZRA cadre shall collect money without the approval and knowledge of ZRO.
15. No ZRA cadre shall involve in mutiny.
16. No ZRA cadre shall desert with or without arms.
17. No ZRA cadre shall indulge in shameful acts of homosexual/lesbian/gay.
18. No ZRA cadres shall direct/point his/her weapons towards his/her comrades in time of
stress and outrage.
In Category- B, punishment may be awarded to without referring to the Tribunal. However,
based on the gravity and severity of the crime/offence committed, it may be referred to the
• Reproof/ Warning,
• Caning,
• Punishment without using sick,
• Demotion excluding the rank of officer and above can be done by the concern Ministry
Non-Tribunal List
1. There shall be no discrimination based on clan, dialect, domicile
2. The secrecy of the Organisation shall be strictly confided, no one shall leak/destroy the
properties/documents of the Organisation
3. No one shall engage in discouraging/mind-blogging of his/her co-workers
4. No one shall abuse power
5. Workers shall be a role model in conduct, manner, intoxicating, opposite sex and not to
involve in robbery.
6. It is strictly prohibited to feign illness/prolong illness/causing intentional injury and helping
to cause injury to abdicate from responsibility
7. It is strictly prohibited to rob properties/money by means of threatening/cheating
8. It is strictly prohibited to pass intentional false information and due to which someone is
adversely affected.
9. It is strictly prohibited to indulge in drunken brawling/fisticuff during on duty
10. It is strictly prohibited to indulge in habitual intoxicating, sale, manufacture, brew,
purchase, distribute
11. To take care of public properties and not to destroy
12. Contempt of judgement and threatening Judges or fail to appear before Judges or unwilling
to take oath
13. It is prohibited to create din/obstruct Cabinet Council meeting, Central Executive
Committee meeting and Annual Assembly meeting
14. If the act or conduct of the Worker is such that the superior cannot even rely on his/her
15. Wilful insubordination or disobedience, whether alone or in combination with others to
any lawful and reasonable order of a superior
16. Habitual absence without permission and wanton negligence of duties
17. Theft/stealing is prohibited within the rank and file of ZRA
18. No ZRA cadre shall refuse and dishonour the directive of his/her superior.
19. No Battalion shall intrude into the area of another Battalion without the knowledge and
consent of ZRO/Defence Ministry. Clandestine meeting of Battalion Commanders without
the knowledge and approval of ZRO/Defence Ministry is prohibited.
20. No ZRA cadre shall withdraw/flee/hide in the battlefield without the directive of the
21. No ZRA Officer/superior shall, without any reasonable reason punish/harass/threaten
his/her subordinates.
22. Except in case of life and death, no ZRA cadre shall fire even a single shot without the
direction of Battalion Commander.
23. No arms shall be displayed to threaten anyone without any directive from superior.

i. All Zomi irrespective of their tribe affiliation/loyalty be accorded priority, apart from anyone
voluntarily willing to serve Zomi and Zogam
ii. Once enrolled into ZRA, a cadre has to serve at least seven years and cannot quit in his/her
own chosen time. However, in case of extreme hardship, a cadre may quit with the approval
of the Organisation after taking an oath

i. There shall be a promotion course to secure promotion.
ii. A cadre may be promoted based on his/her performance during the Promotion Training
Course, seniority, Educational Qualification, character, command and control, discipline.
iii. Enlisted cadre from Graduate and above shall after completion of Basic Combat Military
Training serve as Private for six month. After the completion of six month, promotion
training course shall be arranged and based on his performance/fitness/ability he/she may
be accorded rank.
iv. To grant promotion from 2nd Lieutenant & above, the knowledge and consent of Cabinet
Council shall be obtained.
v. List of Precedence:
a) General
b) Lieutenant General
c) Major General
d) Brigadier
e) Colonel
f) Lieutenant Colonel
g) Major
h) Captain
i) Lieutenant
j) 2nd Lieutenant
k) Sergeant Major
l) Sergeant
m) Corporal
n) Lance Corporal
o) Private

i. A cadre may visit his homestead only in emergency and unavoidable circumstances with the
permission of Battalion Commander and the consent of Defence Director has to be
ii. A ZRA cadre shall be declared a “proclaim deserter” if he continuously absent from his/her
post for 20 days.
i. All Battalion shall maintain clothing register. The clothing register shall be in the custody of
Quarter Master (QM) and shall furnish a monthly report to the Battalion Commander and
that shall be dispatched to the Director, Ministry of Defence and shall be monitored
ii. The Ministry of Defence shall set a life-system for clothing. Clothing includes both uniform
and civil dresses.
iii. In the event of loss due to laxity and misplacement of clothing, no cadre shall receive
clothing before the expiry of the life-term.

i. Arms and Ammunition shall be issued to every Battalion. Battalion QM shall maintain a
register. Since it is a control item BQM shall furnish daily report to the Director, Ministry of
ii. Arms and Ammunition shall be the sole responsibility of Battalion Commanders & BQM. Any
loss or misplacement shall be severely dealt with.

i. The ZRO, within its capacity, shall look after and extend assistance to the problems and
hardship of ZRA cadres.
ii. In the event of health problem faced by a ZRA cadre during out-of-post, he shall
immediately report to the Battalion Commander and necessary assistance may be rendered
with. Such assistance shall not be accorded to those failing to report to the Battalion

iii. In the event of death during active service, a cadre may receive an ex-gratia as permissible
under rules enforce for the time being. He shall be draped with any Zomi shawls. Military
honour shall be accorded as and when convenience.

iv. No cadres shall get married before completion of 5 years of active service. No cadres shall
be entitled financial assistance if he/she marries before completion of 5 years of active
service. Cadres marrying after completion of the stipulated time shall receive necessary
assistance. In the case of woman cadre marrying/intending to marry, there shall be a
formalities to quit if she so desire.

v. Service benefits shall be earmarked for a ZRA cadre from the day of taking oath of loyalty as
decided by the Central Executive Committee Annual Assembly from time to time. If he/she
faithfully and satisfactorily serves for 7 years and retires with the consent of the
Organisation, the sum amount shall be handed over to him/her on the day of his/her
retirement. However, service benefits shall cease as and when a cadre receives welfare
benefits. In case of retiring due to health problems/household chores with the consent of
the Organisation and a cadre who dies during service is entitle to benefits. But a cadre who
is terminated for disciplinary action shall not receive service benefits.

Zomi National Workers shall:-
a. Maintain absolute integrity at all times;
b. Maintain absolute devotion/dedication to duty at all times;
c. Maintain impartiality in discharging of duties;
d. Maintain a responsible and decent standard of conduct in private life;
e. Render prompt and cautious service;
f. Manage private affairs in such a way as to avoid habitual indebtedness or
g. Respect superior in rank;
h. Not indulge in acts, which are unbecoming of a Zomi worker;
i. Not be discourteous, dishonest and partial;
j. Not adopt dilatory tactic in dealing with the public;
k. Not be a member of any association whose objects or activities are prejudice
to the interest of Zomi political movement, public order or morality;
l. Not consume any intoxicating drinks or drugs;
m. Not discriminate subordinate in rank
n. The Zomi Re-unification Organisation, considering its lethal and destructive
potential, treated the use of landmine as inhumane and a gross violation of
human rights and as such committed itself not to produce landmine and its
related components and exert its power and resources to eradicate landmine
and educate other revolutionary groups not to indulge themselves in the
inhumane act of producing, using and stock-piling of landmine.

Source :Geneva Call