How to open link in new tab in simple way

First of all you will need this code

<base target='_blank'/>

 Follow the following step below

  1. Go to your blogger dashboard.
  2. Select your blog then Click Template.
  3. Backup your template.
  4. Click on “Edit HTML”
  5. Press Cntrl+F and Search <head> tag in HTML.
  6. Add the following piece of code just below the <head> tag.
  7. Save your Template, 
  8. Check if it work, it work yay.. comment below :D (^.0)
Well you don't need to add  Java script for this.  Just add <base target='_blank'/>   inside
 <head> </head>  tag will do.

Like this dude

You wana test,, click any link in my blog it work right . Comment below if it help :D