Lamka, August 31: A mob agitated over the passing of three bills that have infringed upon the rights of the state tribals, has tonight ransacked and set fire several properties of at least five MLAs from the district.
The mob that sprouts following a bout of alarm bells initially attacked the residence of health minister Phungzathang Tonsing located at New Lamka around 6pm. They ransacked the house and set aflame several furnitures. The fire is said to have caught the concrete structure by 7 pm as water tankers and fire tenders and the Police that had rushed to the spot were attacked and forced to withdraw.
Several of the mob then moves towards the residence of Thanlon MLA Vungzagin Valte also located at New Lamka wherein they set ablaze the security

sentry post and a vehicle.
The Deputy Commissioner Lunminthang Haokip, who has rushed towards the minister’s residence was also attacked. His official vehicle along with that of his escort’ was vandalised and overturned at Damkam Bazar.
The mob also attacked the residences of Singngat MLA Ginsuanhau Zou at Lailam Veng and that of Henglep MLA T Manga Vaiphei located at Hill Town.
The residence of TN Haokip located at Tuibuong was also burnt down by an irate mob around 7pm tonight.
Exact extend of damage caused in tonight’s mob fury was still difficult to comprehend as the situation is still simmering and the mob that had expanded across the township was still violent.
Manipur Police Commandos from Bishenpur have reached Lamka and started indiscriminate firing on the civilians with utter disregard for the life and property of the tribals. At least two persons have been killed and more than 20 have been injured. The ruthless killings speak volumes about the anti tribal attitude of security personnel which mainly comprises of Meiteis, who appear to be hellbent on what is an apparent manhunt for any tribal. Full display of the powers of the AFSPA in progress!
The state tribal population was against the bill, that is said to regulate outsiders but also scheme to discreetly remove the law that bars majority meitei community from owning tribal land, as they consider the bill nothing but an attempt to annihilate the rights they enjoy over their traditional land.