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Zomi Nam Ni Hong Pian Khiatna Zia

Written by Tg Vungh Za Pau Zomi Nam Ni pen Tuunkha (February) 20 ni-in kiciamteh hi. Hih ni in muhna toi tawh hong piangkhia vat hilo-in minam leh gam itna lianpi tawh hong kipan khia ahi hi. Hih Zomi Nam Ni hong piankhiatna thu pen thuk-in zai-a, zong sang mahmah hi. Hih ni-in Zomite’ adingin suahtakna, ki-it kilemna, minam vai leh cikmah cianga a mangthang ngei nawnlo ding Zomite’ tangthu mungpi khat ahi hi. Zomite’ adingin Zomi Nam Ni a hong piankhiatna thu tel taka ih theihtheih nadingin hih banga a hong piankhiatna tangthu tawmbeek ih theihloh kiphamawh hi. Mikang kumpi in ni suahna lam gamte hong keeka, India ciang hong tung ta hi. India panin Kawlgam khanglam teng 1824 kumin hong la hi. 1852 kum tak ciangin Kawlgam phellang hong laaksak khin ta uh hi. 1885 kum ciangin Kawlgam buppi hong nuaisiah uhhi. Tua hun laitakin Zogam pen ei le ei ki-ukna India leh Kawlgam kikal-ah om hi. Zogam in Kumpi neilo-in mi khempeuh kumpi leh nautang kici hi. Ki-ukna Thukhunpi kineilo hi. Hih …

Zogam vaang a khabang phamte

Zogam vaang a khabang phamte’
Thahat ngalliam khuaibang a hangte’n,
Dougal lau lou! daibang a nawk in,
Gam-le-nam di’n hinna laan uh hi. Hun-le-nite liam zel in, leenkum kivei zel
mahleh, Zogam vaang a khabang phamte,
Zolei vontawite’n hon ngilh kei ung e,
Zahna lianpen hon pia ung ee.
(Khamuang tak in na zaalta un) Muikhua zing in lummei hong kai a,
Tangchih mualchih aliap lai in,
Zolei Nang vang’n khuambang kip den hi,
Zolei na itna sialbang lian hi. Thanghou-Liandoute ki-itna gam,
Tuan a pupa’n aluahsa gam,
Zolei shingtate henkawl bulh di’n,
Ngaingam la’ng e, ka phal theilou. Na suulnung uh zuun ding zatamte’n
Hanlung chiam ung selung tuak in,
Nuachiang vonte hon geel nawn lou in,
Khamuang tak in na zaal ta un. [Aphuaktu apan thukup tamlou: Kum 10 vaal bang hita ka ngaihtuahna ah hiai laa ‘Zogam vaang a khabang phamte’ chih hong om zelzel a, akhen chiang in ‘aah… tu nungnung in hiai khawng..’ ka chi zel hi. Himahleh Gam-le-nam itna ziak a hinna nataante thupi kasakna abei thei kei…

Respecting women and Understanding

Since time immorial in every culture women are less regard in public sphere , The sculpture told us that God made man first and name Adam, since he was lonely He made women from Adam ribs and gave life to women called Eve , from this point of view men were first created thus ultemetly Men always come first in every sphere of life,  women were look down, in worse case scnerio women were view as sex symbloica, well that defenitely not the purpose, in some culture espicially in the Indian sub continent women were confine to household work and men will be the bread earner, but my point of view is women are equally important as men infact thay are mentally strong than men because every month or women have lost their blood which i don't need to explain and from this we can learn that there are still strong , when human lost blood energy dried up as we all know, so it a self explainatory that if women don'  have menstruation cycle they will be much more stronger than men.. Thus  man…