Respecting women and Understanding

Since time immorial in every culture women are less regard in public sphere , The sculpture told us that God made man first and name Adam, since he was lonely He made women from Adam ribs and gave life to women called Eve , from this point of view men were first created thus ultemetly Men always come first in every sphere of life,  women were look down, in worse case scnerio women were view as sex symbloica, well that defenitely not the purpose, in some culture espicially in the Indian sub continent women were confine to household work and men will be the bread earner, but my point of view is women are equally important as men infact thay are mentally strong than men because every month or women have lost their blood which i don't need to explain and from this we can learn that there are still strong , when human lost blood energy dried up as we all know, so it a self explainatory that if women don'  have menstruation cycle they will be much more stronger than men.. Thus  man should not think women are weaker,  what i have belive is that God purpose for women is not just limited to household work or say domestic work, but to work and cooperate with his male counterpart,  so women should be treated equally in every aspect of life, they should be love, understand and respect, respecting eachother among this gender will do no harm for the society , i belive it would bring more happiness. Moreover we are living in the 21st century where many women are head of top MNC or govt.  Speaking of women empowerment, in India we once had women Prez, PM,CMs  and when we look at the sex ratio of the population it men are larger by ration of 900/1000 my poin here is women are almost half of the population ultemetly half of the voter are women so women seat reservation should be raise to 40% and there should always be a women cabinet member so that women issues like safety etc etc can be upgraded to next level. Just saying and hearing will not do the work if each individual in the world respect eachother then the world mess would be lesser. This writing is my opinion and dedicate all my female friend .