Mistake are sometime wonderful

 According to Christian perception, since our conception in our mother womb, we are already sinner, that literally means we all are born with sin which we inherited from Adam and Eve..
well here im not gona talk about Christianity, but my intention is to talk about Mistake, I'm not a food writer, here what i write down is just my personal view please refrain from comparing to other writer.. we as we talk Mistake come naturally.. means we are not born perfect except Jesus Christ..
Mistake are made by every Human being.. its ok to made mistake since we are Human, but not ok to make mistake intentionally, that would not be justifiable by moral judge.. You see we made mistake sometime went wrong, but sometime it also wonderful, and we do enjoy.. i regret making mistake which i made intentionally but i do not   regret which are not intention, instead looking back at it i feel wonderful and Amazing.. So guys know that Mistake will happen but dont regret it, its part of life.