My 24th Bithday and what i am Thinking

flying without wing

All of all important occasion in my life, my Birthday has been one of the most important day in my life.. well this year too i constantly look at the calendar before ma coming big day.. always counting how much day left etc.. i mean like i was very excited...
Although i am excited to see my birthday... i think i am not that excited as those in my childhood day.. i'm grown up anyway,,.. but mentally i feel like i'm still in my adolescence,  my thinking, my hobbies, my taste haven't change a bit,, physically i look older than my age.. btw i am happy that i got lots of well wisher for my birthday. Thanks God for leading me this Far, i  wish He'll lead us always..
Being away from home.. i miss home esp on this day.. if not there will be feast to dine together,, anyway.. i was enjoying thought..  watching Movies, later,, i attend a little Prog and in last we had a big dinner turns out i ear a lot.. food was good and left  with stomach full.. but i'm late for work as i got up late haha,, me kinda sleepy head..

As time pass by i realized  i've done nothing big in my life, i achieved nothing worth to mention in my life so far. Still being a regular guy.. i feel awkward.. i want to do something memorable. something worth.. in my life,,  Pleas Lord Help me