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By Rev. Lalrosiem Songate, General Director, Evangelical Congregational Church of India
"The people living in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death
a light has dawned. (Math. 4:15-16 NIV)"

The above quotation taken from the Bible aptly describes the historic moment when Christianity sets its foot for the first time in the district almost a hundred years ago, that turned one of the most ferocious and war-like tribes into one of the most peace-loving and most faithful followers of Jesus Christ within a few decades.

The origin and development of Christianity in Churachandpur cannot be discussed a part from the history of the Evangelical Congregational Church of India (the erstwhile North East India General Mission) because this is the first church that was established and that many churches that have sprang up over the years are related to this church in one way or another.

Watkin Roberts: The Man behind the Christianization of Churachan…

Everything You Need to Know About Windows 10

As a longtime supporter (and user) of Microsoft, I'm glad to see that the company is starting to really adapt and thrive in the new era of operating systems and mobile computing. Although the ill-fated Windows Phone continues to struggle against the juggernauts of Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone, the Windows operating system is seeing a renaissance under the leadership of the recently instated CEO, Satya Nadella.
Windows 10 is currently available to test as a “preview build” and is set to be released to the general public sometime this summer. Windows 10 is the biggest change to the industry-leading operating system in years and also heralds a new era for Microsoft.
Here are the most important things you should know about the upcoming release of Windows 10.

Windows 10 will be free for existing Windows 7 and Windows 8 users

One of the most exciting announcements about Windows 10 is the one that will directly affect your checking account. In a stunning departure from a business mode…

My 24th Bithday and what i am Thinking

All of all important occasion in my life, my Birthday has been one of the most important day in my life.. well this year too i constantly look at the calendar before ma coming big day.. always counting how much day left etc.. i mean like i was very excited...
Although i am excited to see my birthday... i think i am not that excited as those in my childhood day.. i'm grown up anyway,,.. but mentally i feel like i'm still in my adolescence,  my thinking, my hobbies, my taste haven't change a bit,, physically i look older than my age.. btw i am happy that i got lots of well wisher for my birthday. Thanks God for leading me this Far, i  wish He'll lead us always..
Being away from home.. i miss home esp on this day.. if not there will be feast to dine together,, anyway.. i was enjoying thought..  watching Movies, later,, i attend a little Prog and in last we had a big dinner turns out i ear a lot.. food was good and left  with stomach full.. but i'm late for work as i…

Sepna ziak a ginglou te hih dan va hih tei

Mihingte' i piang ua pat i sihhun dong i gil uh kialhun om in vah hun le om zel hi, nikhat a a tangpi in nihvei thumvei bang kial deuh tangpi a, nek di i neih chiang a vah hizel mai.. I khelna te uh ziak ei mihing'ten gim-le-tawl a nekzong di i hi ua, huchi'n kholul kai gim pipi in nek i zong ngei uhi, huchi lou deuh a awlsam zodeuh a nek zong bangle omtham mah le uh  amau awlsam zodeuh a nekzong na a muh theih na di ua hun, sum tampi mah ana seng zel uh , a om dan bel, nuam deuh a nekzong di chi leng laisiam ngai, laisiam na dia hun piak poimoh, sum le poimoh hizel, huchia hi khovel paidan hizel ahi, ka gen ut tak bel magic a nuamtak a i utut omthei hilou inchin i loh ching na dia i struggle ngai. chi nuam ka hi,
Awle unau te Struggle lou a nekpianglou ahi chi ni, huchi ahi le, miteng a semthei laih siah in chu  isep ahoih a i struggle chiat chiang ua ei innsung, i veng , i gam i nam adia khantou na hon tun tu ahi,, Sunday school bang ana kikaisma hivnen, Daniel tangthu h…

Lamka vs Churachandpur - My Home town Lets take a look at what people says

Origin of Lamka on the bank of Khuga (Tuitha)
Located southwest of Manipur (India), Churachandpur District covers an area of 4570 km². In fact, it is the largest district within the state of Manipur. The district mainly has hilly terrain except narrow strips of valley which support wet rice cultivation. Churachandpur town, locally known as Lamka, is the district headquarters. Lamka (literally meaning "converging roads") is the second-largest town of Manipur, next only to the state capital, Imphal. So, Lamka is called the "second town" of Manipur and remains the fastest growing town in the state. The urbanites of Churachandpur town are sometimes called "CCpurians" or, more accurately, "Lamka-ites" (since CCpur connotes the entire district population). from ------------------------------- Churachandpur, originally & locally known as Lamka, town is the district headquarters of Churachandpur district in Manipur. "Due to …