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Zo beauty Queen : Lengtong Hoih story

LENGTONGHOIH, the renown ancient Zo beauty was the only sister of seven brothers. Endowed with the pride of a lady, the symbol of feminity and beauty in her long hair hanging down her waist she was an extraordinary  beauty. Her brothers loved and took extra care of her  and ensured  whatever she demanded of them were met by them.They took extra pains to see that she is always happy, eats whatever she relished. She lived in a palace of iron with her  seven brothers. 

One day, to reaffirmed their love and concern, her brothers asked Lengtonghoih what she wanted the most in life. She asked for AKSINELKAI (may be a comet). Although it would be a very difficult task to get it, her brothers promised her what she asked. Before they set out for the mission, they instructed her to remain indoors and never set her foot out of the palace. She was also not to entertain anybody in the palace during their absence. After arranging all the provisions needed by Lengtonghoih during…

Churachandpur's electricity crisis; from bad to worse

Power supply situation in Churachandpur district is getting worse day by day. Despite the unprecedented level of investment in the power sector and increase in electricity tariffs. The district suffered the state's biggest - ever power outrage every single day - night putting the state's ramshackle infrastructure on stark display. 

Students are finding it difficult to cope with studies, thanks to frequent power cuts. Every day in many parts of the district, power goes off without intimation at any time of the day or even at night. Students have been battling more than their school subjects. They have been grappling with the erratic power cuts. 

It is essential that students get uninterrupted power supply to study. As lights go off at night because of power cuts, many students in the district are forced to study in candlelight or abandon studies till the power returns. Power cuts cripple their preparation as precious time was lost be it morning, noon or night. It become a nightma…

My Dream of Hometown

Its been only a past few year ,Since then i have been staying in Delhi , in course of time i make new friends, met new friends, with the buzzing atmosphere i can adapt to this city environment and i feel like Delhi is my hometown, Home away From Home, 

yet the missing part is my Family, And feels like something is always missing.. yes that's right.. i miss home made food,, although i feel delhi as my second hometown ,, i hate it.. the climate its terrible.. if life have given me a better option i will leave Delhi,, love my bitrhplace weather.. its heaven  compare to delhi, But my hometown doesn't offer me a decent Jobs, security , it offer us Dusty roads filled with pothholes, irregular electricity, watersupply and gas,, and frequent hartal/Bandh inspite of all this i still love and wana live there, i hope someday this get better so that new generation doesn't have to go outside state unnecessarily

I have this dream. if my hometown have a world class University, People from …

Mihing Bang a tel hiam Thian Mang

Mihing bang a tel hiam! Thianmang?
Na Ta thangvan nusia N'on sawl;
Na itna thuk Na itna sang! Thianmang,
Mihing pilna lung in gawl maw'ng. Sakkik:Gelmaw'ng e gelmaw'ng e, gelmaw'ng
Mihing leh na itna simthu;
Mihing pilna lung in gelmawng Thianmang
Laukha'n lailung ah hon gel hen. Mihing bang a tel hiam! Toupa,
Vanmang tutphah nusia N'on tat;
Na lainatna lian in za e,
Toupa, Simlei singta lung in gel moh. Mihing bang a tel hiam! Thianmang?
Kum sang zatam Na lunggimna;
A gawl haan, a lei khemna hilou hiam?
Naubang Na dopna kansang sa'ng! Mihing bang a tel hiam! Thianmang?
Van gouluah dia ngaihkhua Na tuah;
Itna sang hi! gupna sang hi! Thianmang,
Mihing simthu zaila'n lel maw'ng.


Toupa nasiam sa lei mihingte,
Nopna zongin ni sim in buai ung;  Simlei thupi na te’n a hon pi zel;  Nang hon ngilhung Toupa na tate’n,  Huaiham na sung a kibual ta in,  Duham nate’n aw a hon zouta 
Aw na mite nanglam a hei di’n Toupa na tate  hon huai nawn in Lambang haih ung  Toupa na huangsung pan’  Aw ka Pathian hon nuselou aw,  Hehpih na in aw hon en lai in,  Na khasiangin Toupa hon huai nawn in 
Itna akiam nisim a kiamzel,  Lainat na zong tuibang in kiam a; Hehpih nalui pite a kang zou ta, Nang toh nunnuam kholhkhawm na munte, Gitlouh nate’n aw a luah zou ta, Honpi kiknawn in nahuang sung ah Toupa aw tu ni in ka hon ngen,  Koute a di’n aw na zah ngaihna; Honpia in aw Toupa ka hon ngen hi, Nang hehpih thei Pathian na hi a, Itna aw nem in ka lung sung uah, Honsam lai in la nang a ding in

Book Review : Siamsin thelnah

Amasa pen in ah laigelhmi le ka hikei a.. Siamna le ka nei tuan kei a hilele ka lungsim ah hia Book ka sim a pat mite'n le hiai book ana sim sam le uh chi ka deih man le a bawlsuah tute pahtah huai kasak ziak in book review kon bawl tei ahi..

 It's a Siamsinpawlpi Silver Jubilee Sovenir title "Siamsin Thelnah" published by Siamsinpawlpi Mizoram HQ, for our better understanding Siamsinpawlpi is a Paite Student welfare body with its General headquarter in Lamka . The book 'Siamsin thelnah' with Pu Kamkhokam Guite as it Chief Editor give us the insight of the how Siamsinpawlpi began its journey to its present day.. On turning the page at Messages section we can see messages from our honarable leader. The book written in trilingual by its contributor are sometimes creating confusion for a reader like me  as I couldn't read one written in lusei dialect luckily for me few are written in lusei dialect.  Here in this book its also give us a little knowledge of th…